Online Defensive Driving Has a New Face

Who says that taking a driving course has to be boring? It is quick and easy to get started with our online course and then you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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Making Online Defensive Driving Fun for You Since…Right Now!

TEA Approved for Texas Ticket Dismissal

The course we offer from CP280 has been approved for use in the state of Texas for over 10 years and has grown to become the leading option online ticket dismissal across the state.
  • Same day certificates with available electronic delivery
  • Fastest course available for the entire state of Texas
  • Lowest price allowed by law in the great state of Texas.
  • Customer service located in Texas
  • Humor based content keeps you entertained throughout

Multiple-Choice: The answer was always “C”

We have all heard at one time or another that if you don’t know the answer to a multiple-choice question, choose C. While I’m not sure if that helps anyone make a better grade I do know that if it is wrong, our course will let you try again until you pass. You read that right. The section quizzes and the final exam are all multiple-choice and all allow for multiple tries. To successfully complete the course you will need to get a 70% or better but this setup means there is no need to worry. We all understand that taking tests can be stressful so we just went ahead and removed every bit of stress to help you enjoy the course and learn a thing or two by taking it.

Boring Instructors Make Jack a Dull Boy

Most people have either seen a movie or unfortunately sat in a classroom where a driving instructor talks in a monotone voice for hours somehow thinking that everyone is listening. Over the years we found that contrary to their belief, nobody was listening and therefore not learning. The purpose of defensive driving is not to simply dismiss a citation but to prepare the drivers to be better drivers. When we designed this course we went with a completely new approach and it turns out that it works. People learn best when they are engaged and people are drawn into funny things. Everyone on the road benefits from a course that covers the same information but presents it in a more entertaining way. Get started and laugh that ticket away.
Videos Provide Hours of Entertainment
While it may not win any awards or be the show you can’t wait to come on next week, our course videos were designed with you in mind. We keep it real, or fun, or whatever you say.
Rush Certificate Shipping Available
Not that you likely waited until the last minute to take your driving course but if hypothetically you did, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of rush shipping options that you can select before, during, or after you finish. You can even select electronic delivery which gives you instant access to your printable Texas defensive driving course certificate!
We Can Get Your Driving Record for You
If you are in need of your driving record, we are here to make things easy for you. During registration for your course, you can select that you would like a copy of your driving record and we will take care of the rest.
Funny Man Jay Leno Said Our Course Is...
Well we actually have no idea what he would say because he has never told us. For the sake of answering the question, it is our sincerest opinion that Mr. Leno would love our course should he ever take it.

Save On Car Insurance Without Switching to…

It doesn’t matter if your agent is a lizard, a caveman, or simply a good neighbor, they all want you to take this course in hopes of it making you a better driver and saving them money. As a nice reward, they will often give you a discount of 10% that will carry on for a total of 3 years. Once your discount runs out, come back and take the course again! Since every company handles discounts in different ways, we recommend that you contact your local agent to learn more about the benefits of taking our approved defensive driving course.

Is It Break Time Yet? Anytime Is Break Time!

The state requires a total of 1-hour in breaks to go with the five hours of curriculum making up a six-hour course. What they don’t seem to realize is that people love breaks and will take them, a lot of them, if you make it possible. Well since we get it you will be able to start and stop your course as much as you want. Don’t you wish your boss was as awesome as us! When you are ready to get back to your course simply log back into your course and our system will magically put you right back where you left off.

See What Drivers Are Saying About This Course

Before taking this course I had never imagined that I would not only enjoy the taking my defensive driving online but that I would learn a few things. Let’s just say I have a few miles behind me and this course provided a great experience.
Bill Bradley, Austin, Texas
My son had to take this course last year and kept telling me how easy it was to do. Well my insurance agent told me that I could save money by completing this course so I did and everything was so simple to do. Thanks y’all for a great course!
Rhonda Cadden, Woodway, Texas
I had to take a course for work and I am so glad I chose this one. The course we all took last year was a disaster so this was like a breath of fresh air. Everyone at my company plans to use this site next year to get our certificate.
Mark Simms, Bandera, Texas

Last Chance: You Know You Want To!

For a quick overview of what our super easy defensive driving course is all about, let’s turn to a handy dandy list!
  • We discussed that our course is awesome because you can’t fail
  • You now know that we are available, from Texas, every single day
  • Now you realize that you are going to take this course right now

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